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GQ British Feature 

GQ British contacted me out of the blue and I was so grateful.  This exposure brought my body of work to an Internationally audience and I have received a wide range of responses. It is through this kind of exposure, I've gained many different types of opportunities.   

In this day in age, I feel the gallery world is dying.  Less people are looking for works of art within a stationary space.  In my opinion, this is why top galleries around the world are starting online galleries. 

New Art International Feature 

New Art International by Book Art Press was my first publication.  There is no better feeling than walking into a bookstore, picking up a book, and seeing your artwork.  I'm so proud of this publication. This was the perfect platform to share my artwork with the world. .

“New Art International has chosen a diverse array of samplings from fresh, vernal innovators and knowledgeable, seasoned masters. Creative expressions in myriad forms, bold and subtle, wily and obvious, combine in this compendium to dance with the eye and stir the spirit of art lovers everywhere!”



Curve Magazine Feature 


The rich paintings of Chicago based artist Danny Augustine are abstractions yet specific explorations into his personal lexicon of colors, shapes and lines. What starts as a random splash of ink or water may evolve to interpret his mother's schizophrenia then shift to portray his inner landscape of memories and experiences, converging with the 24-hour stream of world news updates.